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Melvin Anchanzer

Hi spy ninja fans I edited this and I love the spy ninjas they are so cool. I can’t believe you think a 30 year old man is getting attacked by hackers but have great skills and it doesnt matter about their age please dont hurt them

Melvin used to hate the Spy Ninjas but later ended up joining them because of his three tenants Clout, Fame and Friendship which led to his unmasking.

Melvin always gets memory erased and has tendencies of switching sides but luckily, the Cloaker helped him to be on his good side and fight against evil.

Once He Went in disguise as butter thumbs to infiltrate the PZ Gaming division but the plan failed after the spy ninjas sabotaged him and also was forced to fake his death by PZ for Project Zorgo's plans to trick the spy ninjas, which became a success.

Before PZ, Melvin was a Youtuber and Mukbanger.

Real Name: melvin Achanzar

Alignment: Evil(formerly), Neutral/Good

Status: Alive

Family: Unknown Real Sister:Regina Genera Occupation: Project Zorgo (formerly) Spy ninjas, Combat Specialist, Content Creator

Associates: Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Regina Ginera(Sister), The Cloaker, The Leak, Alie

Enemies: Alie (formerly), The Leak (formerly), Chef Crouton, PZ members, Horseradish, The Doppleganger and PZ killer

Ambition: To Take over YouTube(failed), To Take Down Spy Ninjas(failed), To Take Down Project Zorgo (succeeded)

Personality: Unpredictable but means well

Biggest Fears: Ghosts

Believes in aliens

Love y'll and the spy ninja hope you like reading it bai.C:

And Vy's my fav spy ninja,but i still love the spy ninjas.